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Fall Clothes

Boots and Jackets 

Some people think I’m crazy for pulling out boots and jackets, but my excuse for it is that it’s October! I don’t care if it’s 75 degrees outside.  This was really the first time since fall started that I have started transitioning into wearing layers, boots, and replacing my shorts with jeans. I absolutely refuse …

Fall Clothes

Going Into Fall Break With My Bestie 

So fall break has begun, and I am beyond excited to finally get a chance to sleep in and not have to stress about school. Not to mention, this means that colder,  fall weather is approaching and I cannot wait!  Being born and raised in Arizona, 75 degrees is considered a bit chilly to me. …

Summer Style

Adding jeans to your summer style

So this is one of my favorite outfits that I have bought this summer! Although  jeans aren’t ideal to wear in the Arizona heat, their comfyness and cuteness definitely make up for it. Not to mention the shirt  is one of my favorite styles of all time, and it’s perfect for summer! Shirt and Choker- …