Hey everyone, I’m back!

After a busy couple months I am finally back to blogging, and plan to post at least once a week! Today’s post is for an outfit that I actually posted on my Instagram a couple weeks ago for the Taylor Swift concert (literally the most amazing concert ever, I had legit tears) so of course for my extra obsession with T Swift, I had to have a super extra outfit to go with it!! My roomies and I were lucky enough to get some pretty close tickets to the concert, so as an end of our first year of college celebration we decided to form some big reputations with T Swift!(lol get it) One of my roommates, Emily, aka my bestie and photographer for like half of my blog photos, decided to be extra with me!

Anyways to the important part, the outfit. If you know me, you have to know that I am completely obsessed with two specific pieces of this outfit. You can probably guess what they are… the two most boujee parts of the outfit, and no that does not include the hat… the skirt and the boots! Of course my two favorites are made of shiny leather, what can I say, I like to stand out. Plus they are just fun and make you look pretty badass. A leather skirt is honestly a must have, especially if you like to go out a lot. This one is from Forever 21 so it’s nothing too expensive either! The shoes are little bit more on the expensive side, but I still think they are completely worth it. You put on these bad boys and BOOM you automatically perfected the outfit. I will link the exact shoes that I am wearing below, as well as a more affordable version. Now, I also want to point out that I hopped on the bandwagon with the “train conductor” hat, and I am so glad I did. These hats are honestly so cute and are a perfect addition to any outfit, plus they are a great way to cover up a bad hair day, which I personally tend to have often! Lastly, the pop of color is EVERYTHING. Of course, black on black is always a good way to go, but sometimes it is fun to spice things up with a little pop of color. I love adding little splashes of red to my outfits, but you could even add any other color that you prefer. (Luckily this top comes in several different colors and it’s cheap).

Also, if you are interested in what Emily is wearing, because her and my other roomies will be in these pictures, majority of what she is wearing is from Forever 21.

Enjoy! *If you actually read this leave a comment*




Boots (Cheaper option)



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