Prom prom prom!!!!!

I used to dream about my senior prom when I was just a little girl… or at least when High School Musical 3 came out lol! This past weekend it finally came! I had the most amazing time at prom and just an amazing prom weekend in general. I also felt really good about myself in my dress, it made me feel like a princess! I love this dress because it is different and elegant, but the slit in the leg and the dip in the back  add just the right amount of “sexy”.

This year for prom I did not have a date. Yes, of course I wish I could have had one but it  did not work out for me that way. I know that with prom, you are kind of expected to have a date. Everyone gets all stressed out because they can’t find a date for prom or even a “picture date” for that matter. Honestly, it is really not that big of a deal. To all you girls out there who are getting ready for prom and don’t have a date… don’t stress about it! Just grab a couple girlfriends and go together, or go with a big group like I did! Not having a date is not the end of the world… trust me. Sometimes it is more fun to ride solo anyways! I also encourage everyone to AT LEAST go to your senior prom, if not both junior and senior year. You only have so many of these dances and before you know it, it will be gone just like that. So enjoy your time, and take advantage of this chance to dress up and look beautiful!! I promise you won’t regret it!!

If you are interested in buying anything that I am wearing for your prom, or even an event you might have, scroll down and the links to every item are below the pictures!









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