Thanksgiving Day

Hello everyone, long time no see!! Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all stuffed your faces with turkey, gravy, and pumpkin pie.

It has been a HOT minute since my last blog post and for those of you who actually follow up on my blog, I am sincerely sorry for that. Your girl has been working a ton and has had so much going on with school, and preparing for my study abroad next semester to Spain that I have barely had time to workout let alone make a blog post. But I’m here now and that’s all that matters right?!

Anyways, every year I do a Thanksgiving day outfit post… click here to see last years and here for the year before. So I thought, why not do another one for 2018?! This year my family and I stuffed our faces at our new house in Phoenix (peep the new backyard and my sisters trampoline lol). It was honestly kind of weird having Thanksgiving somewhere that is not in Gilbert, but honestly the change of scenery was much needed. I came home from school to our whole house completely decked out in Christmas decor and the lights already all up. (Mom put our tree up in October…she called it a “fall tree” and our house is the first one in the neighborhood with Christmas lights up) So we were pretty holly and jolly this Thanksgiving to say at the least!

A few days before Thanksgiving, I felt the urge to get a new outfit for the holiday (honestly I really just wanted an excuse to go off in Forever 21). I snagged pretty much this whole outfit for under $50. Don’t worry, I will link all of it below if you want the same fit too! I decided to go with a green vibe this year because 1) I think dark green is flattering on everyone and 2) green screams fall. I added a little scarf and some hoop earrings for a little pop, and threw on some brown booties I found in my closet. Perfect outfit for fall and can be easily worn in way cooler weather with some tights, a cute beanie and a cute fuzzy jacket.

Dress *for some reason I couldn’t find the green online, so that link is to a red and black version. For an actual green dress that is similar click here

White Top




More posts to come!!


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