Hey everyone! As you can all probably tell from the name of this post, there will be pictures of me attempting to twirl in one one of my favorite skirts for the summer. The skirt is cute, the outfit is cute, my twirling pictures might not be as cute but oh well!

I hope everyone is having a good summer so far and had an amazing Fourth of July! I can’t believe it is already mid July, time has flown by and this summer has gone by even faster. I love summer but I am not going to lie, I am so ready for the heat to be gone. It’s monsoon season in Arizona right now but even with all the rain, and dust it still manages to be disgustingly hot. This heat is honestly what has pushed me to become more into dresses and skirts recently. It is way too hot out to put on a pair of pants, or even shorts for that matter. It is just so much easier to throw on a dress or skirt that is light weight enough to make the abnormal amount of sweating a little more bearable. This look has definitely become a go-to outfit for these past couple weeks of hot weather. It is simple, lightweight, classy, and most importantly, cheap!  (seriously the top and skirt all together costs just over $30)  You can pretty much buy the whole outfit all in one place too! This outfit consists of, what are in my opinion, the three basic necessities of the season:

  1. The Color White (I have been obsessed recently, I have even had my nails painted white for the past like two in a half months lol)
  2. Suspender Skirt
  3. Platform Shoes

First off, everyone looks good in white. It is just a pretty and light color, and if you buy one white crop top like this one, trust me you will find a lot of use for it. The suspender styled skirt has just become so trendy and like the color white, can be pulled off by just about everyone. The straps make it look a little less fancy as well so for all you casual girls out there this is definitely the way to go. Lastly, the platform shoes. I know not everyone is a fan (which I totally understand) I used to not be the biggest fan of them either. I just think that even the most casual shoes, i.e. the converse that I am wearing, look really good with that little flair to them. They aren’t just the basic white converse, they are the basic white converse that give you a few inches!! I am 5’2 so these shoes are honestly a gift sent from heaven…

Crop Top


Huuuugggeee Forever 21 girl if you haven’t already noticed.

Shoes *these are more expensive and are the actual pair that I am wearing (made of leather)

Shoes part 2 *cheaper option (on sale at a different store!!)



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