Hello everyone! I hope everyone has had a wonderful new year so far!

First of all I want to start off by commenting on my totally clever name for this post… yes, I know. I couldn’t think of anything else so this will have to do! I mean camouflage is supposed to make you blend in right…?

Anyways, today I will be showing you all one of my favorite looks of the season: the camo jacket. Personally, I think that everyone should have one of these hanging in their closet. You can really wear it during any time of the year, especially since most camo jackets are not super heavy. You can even wear it in the spring or summer because it goes with just about anything. Especially with this specific jacket from Lizard Thicket; it’s lighter colors make it a little bit different than every other camo jacket that you see and you aren’t limited to matching it with the basic dark colors.  Plus, it has little rips in it to give it an edgier look!  In this outfit, I paired it with a turtle neck, some ripped jeans, and cute work boots to complete the look. This is one of my favorite outfits because it is casual, but can still be dressed up with the right jewelry. It is perfect for an every day look, especially if you are out walking around because the boots are so comfy! ( They are even on sale! Check out the link under the pictures!)


Camo Jacket (Hurry and buy it now! Lizard Thicket is having a 50% off winter sale so the jacket is only $20!)

Ripped Jeans



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