HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday!! I cannot believe it is already 2017; time has flown by so fast. This year so many things are happening, it’s a big year!  You know how they say “new year, new me”? Well I’m not really one to believe in that, but this year I’ll admit that it is kind of true. This year I am taking a big step in my life… I am graduating from high school! It is so exciting, yet so nerve-racking! My life is going to change so much in a matter of months. Soon enough I will be an adult, heading off to college, and after that who knows what I will be doing.  2017, at least for me, is about growing up and trying new things… which includes my style. I love clothes, always have and always will. Yet, I used to be a little bit more afraid to try out totally different outfits for my every day style. However, throughout these past few months I have become more confident in myself, and in what I wear. This year, I plan to keep that up.

One of my favorite styles to bring into the new year is over-knee boots. I am absolutely in love with these and the heel. Most people are a little iffy about wearing heels in their everyday outfit, but I say that if its cute and you like it, who cares! Wear it! For me, wearing these heeled boots is a win-win. They are super cute and they give me height (which is a huge necessity for short girls). This outfit is also just one of my favorites all together. I love dresses, boots, and flannels so it is perfect.  Plus this color blue is gorgeous and looks good on anybody! What better way to start off the new year than with a super cute outfit, am I right??

Flannel Dress

Black Dress

Scarf Not the exact one but similar



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