Do you ever just want to dress up for a night out, but don’t want to pull out a brand new outfit? I know that I find myself with this issue all of the time. During the day, I will wear a more casual or comfortable outfit, and at night I want to dress up a little bit!

For example, today I spent the day on an airplane, so of course I wanted to be comfortable. When you are sitting around all day, leggings are definitely a go-to! However, I am not exactly the type to wear leggings out to dinner, especially when on vacation. Yet since I have been traveling, I unfortunately cannot pack my whole closet, so I am limited on what I can wear. Plus, I am not about to waste a whole other outfit just for just the few ours that I am out at dinner. It doesn’t hurt to re-use!  A pair of jeans, and some cute boots can completely change an outfit! (Even if you re-wear the shirt you already wore that day.) The different types of accessories you use can  change it as well, even if it is a bralet. This is an easy way to lessen your laundry load, and make it easier to pack light when going on vacation!





Shirt- Basement Marketplace in Flagstaff

Leggings- Victoria’s Secret

Flannel and Choker- Forever 21

Converse- Tilly’s







Same Shirt- Basement Marketplace in Flagstaff

Same flannel, new jeans- Forever 21

Bralet- Victoria’s Secret

Necklace- Francesca’s

Boots- Tilly’s

Purse- Michael Kors

Watch- Fossil



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