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So if you all follow my social media, you probably know that I just moved into college! I moved in to Barrett the Honors College at Arizona State University a little over a week ago. I started classes on Thursday, and before you ask, yes college is a lot of work. I am only three days into classes and I already have a lot of assignments. However, that does not take away the fun of the freshman college experience. Especially that first week of living on your own in the dorms!

In this blog post, I am going to share what I wore on my first day of school. This look is a little more casual and light weight for those hot summer days. It was perfect for my first day because not only do I live in Arizona, but I had to walk pretty far to get to my classes. Now, imagine walking for 20 minutes to get to class, in 115 degree weather… it is not fun. This is why my first day outfit go-to was a tank top and shorts. I know this may seem a bit too “casual” compared to all of my other blog posts, but the right tank top with some cute jewelry and shoes can transform a boring look to a cute one!

In addition to pictures of my outfit, I am also going to add pictures of my dorm because I am completely OBSESSED!! Since I am in the honors college, I am lucky enough to get a room that is called a “quad”, which is basically like an apartment style dorm. I have three roomies, yet all of us have our own rooms. My suitemate and I, although our rooms are separate, still share a bathroom; my two other roommates share a bathroom as well. In between our rooms is a living space with a couch, TV, and kitchenette. Although it is not a full kitchen, it is still a pretty nice set up considering that I live in a dorm!

I honestly think that living in a dorm for  at least one year in college is a must. I have already made so many new friends and have had so many amazing experiences, and it has only been one week. Yes, I know that most people don’t get the same type of dorm that I have, however, I know a lot of people who actually share a room with another person and they love it. It might not seem great at first, but it is an experience unlike any other. If you are planning on going to college, I definitely recommend living in a dorm. Not only does it give you the full on college experience, but it also gives you the opportunity to totally redecorate your room without actually redecorating your room. I went all out with my decorations and I am so glad I did. It makes you feel so much happier and at home!

Tank Top (similar)


Shoes (similar)


Necklace– I got it from a boutique that I cant remember the name of but this is similar!




Dorm room!!! 

Also just want to give a quick shout out to my amazing parents for helping me get to this point in my life. Also, to my mom who basically designed my whole room for me. Love and miss you guys!

Kitchen and Bathroom

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  1. Lauren, I love it. Just like an apartment with fun roommates! College will be hard work, but you’re ready for it , girlfriend. Outfit is perfect for our “still summer” weather. Bet you can’t wait to get your boots on! Love you lots. Have fun

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