Good morning everyone!

I hope everyone drank enough coffee this morning to get through the hump day lol! Besides coffee, I think that there is really one other thing that can get you through a Wednesday… plans for the weekend! For all you ladies out there trying not to fall asleep in class or are struggling through work, just think about your weekend plans, or the girls night out that your friend just texted you about! Now think about what outfit you are going to wear; I know that picking out the perfect outfit for your night out or weekend getaway can be super hard. That is why I am here to help!

Today’s look is yet another adorable outfit from Lizard Thicket Boutique at the Dana Park Location in Mesa! If you are not from Arizona, I encourage you to check out the Lizard Thicket website or find a store near you to shop some gorgeous looks. However, if you are an Arizona Local, you must jump on this opportunity! Lizard Thicket only holds SIX of each item in their stores and they never order more. If you want to be sure that you can buy anything in this outfit  before the weekend make sure you screenshot ANY of the pictures in this blog post and send it to: 602-501-3354. In the message make sure to mention what part of the outfit you may want, or even the whole outfit if you absolutely love it! They will use that picture to check and see if they still have the item in the store and if they do they will put it on hold for you right away!

This dress is probably one of my favorite dresses of all time. Not only is it suede and super comfortable, but it also has the CUTEST design on the back! Match it with a pretty necklace and some black heels, and you are good to go! Plus the dress is very classy, you could honestly reuse it for anything. Whether it is a work event, wedding, or sorority recruitment, having this beauty as a go-to is a must! I am also in love with these shoes; they are strappy and have a heel, how much better can they get?! Every girl needs a good pair of black heels and here is where you can get them!

Blue Suede Dress ($39.99)

Necklace ($24.50)

Black Shoes ($38.50)

Bralette ($26.50)

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