Hi everyone! Some of you may know that I recently moved to Barcelona, Spain to study abroad for four months! I’ve decided that I’ll be doing a blog post per place I travel to, but this will be a short post just filling you all in on what I am doing and how my experience has gone thus far.

I have been in Barcelona for about three weeks now and I honestly couldn’t be happier. I will be the first to admit that I right before I left I was so nervous I could have probably thrown up and passed out all at once. (don’t worry, although I was close, I did not) However, after about 20 hours of traveling by myself I finally made it to Spain and moved into my little apartment just a few blocks from the famous Sagrada Familia! (I walk by that beauty at least two times a day, kind of cool!!) There are five of us in this apartment, one of them being my big and best friend, Anissa. The other three are from a school in Colorado and I LOVE them all!! I also made friends with some pretty amazing girls that live about a half mile from me; Anissa and I have been spending a lot of time with them, and I can honestly say that even though I have not known them for long, I can see us all being friends for a REALLY long time! I mean the group of us already went on a trip to Portugal together: I will get to in another post, but I’ll just start by saying if we can get through that together after knowing each other for only three weeks, we can get through ANYTHING.

I am currently taking four classes at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona: International Business, Cross Cultural Management, International Marketing Strategies, and The Great Arts in Spain. The Great Arts in Spain is definitely my favorite class so far… our second day of class we literally went on a hike up to Bunkers Hill and just drew pictures of the view. Although, I am not the best artist and the picture looked straight out of a four year olds coloring book, it was still so so fun! On top of my studies I’ve been doing some sight seeing around Barcelona; whether it’s going all the way up to Park Güell, eating Paella by the beach, shopping in Las Ramblas, going to a Barcelona Fútbol game or even getting lost on the metro (which I have done too many times to count)… every day it is something different, and every day I fall in love with Barcelona more and more. I honestly don’t ever want to leave.

Keep an eye out for my next few posts, I’m traveling a lot in the next couple of weeks and I cannot wait to share my adventures with you all!!








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