Hey everyone!

My post for today is a bit off of the travel trend that I have been following (don’t worry I will get to those, eventually), and I am actually back to doing just a good old outfit!

I have been back in the Arizona for about a month now, and surprisingly enough I have been able to wear jeans instead of shorts… in May… weird. Usually this time of year it’s triple digits outside, so jeans are not an option unless I want to sweat my butt off. However, right now it’s been around 70 to 80 degrees so might as well enjoy the “cool” weather while I can!

So when my friends called me up and asked to get brunch at Luci’s at the Orchard I had to throw on my favorite pieces for the summer, one being my mom jeans and the other being my platform shoes that I am OBSESSED with that I got from Lulus!

This outfit in general has been my go-to look the past few weeks. I kid you not, I wear this shirt probably once a week and these jeans at least two or three times. I wear them both to work, brunch, running errands, sitting alone in my room because I have no social life.. you get the gist of it. I wear them all the time!

As you all can probably tell, the whole cheetah/leopard print trend is SOOOO in right now, and platform sandals are as well, so put them together and BAM you are trendy! Plus the mom jeans are a must, they look good on everyone. We all know having a lot of rips in your jeans is slowly going out of trend, so just having the rips in the knees are also a perfect compromise.

Now for the best part, the shoes!! These are not only so cute but SO affordable. Plus, if you aren’t super into the cheetah trend Lulu’s has other color options. Even if you aren’t into these specific shoes, still click the links below and search through their other shoes… you’ll thank me later 😉  

Shout out to my friend Hannah for showing me these; my cheetah obsessed self couldn’t help but order them the minute I got home from seeing her.

Side note: I am working with Lulus now (WOOHOO) so expect a lot of cute outfits with some of their pieces coming to the blog!!

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