Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday full of eggnog, candy canes, laughter and fun (and of course presents ;)) with your family and friends! In this blog post I am going to show you what I wore on Christmas day. Obviously, it is not Christmas anymore so you can’t exactly use this look for your Christmas day attire, however, you can use it for just about anything else. It is casual enough to wear out grocery shopping but also nice enough to wear to a brunch with family and friends! I will link everything that I am wearing below so that you can go out an snatch it while you are returning that not-so- cute sweater that your great aunt got you, or the pair of jeans that don’t fit from your cousin, for something that you really want!!

Now that I got that out of the way, I want to write a little something about the true meaning of Christmas. Yeah, yeah, I know, you are probably thinking “Okay Lauren you don’t need to get all Hallmark Channel on me”, but I really do think it is important! To me, Christmas is not just about the presents underneath the tree or waiting up to see if you can hear Santa on Christmas Eve. It is about much more than that. It is a celebration of life and love, and of course the birth of Christ. Sometimes I think that people tend to forget that. They get all wrapped up in buying presents and baking cookies that they forget to sit down and be thankful for the life that God has given us. Christmas is about embracing your friends and family, and realizing how blessed you truly are. Of course there are going to be those people that have more or less than you, but you just have to accept that and be thankful for what you do have. Last but not least, I want to express how important it is to stay humble. In my opinion, Christmas is really a time for giving, not receiving. Of course you can be excited about what you got underneath the tree, but there is no need to flaunt it! Instead, be thankful but also focus more on how you made someone else smile because of the gift that you got them. Because in all honesty, making someone else happy is the greatest gift of all.

To end the blog right, I want to point out that the Christmas season should not be the only season of giving. I encourage all of you to make it a priority to go out and do something nice for someone at least once a week. Even if it’s just buying them a cup of coffee… it will still make their day and you will feel good doing it!


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