Hey guys!

I hope you are all doing well on this fine 348257283049324903th day of quarantine!! Haha but no for real, I hope all of you reading this are healthy, safe, and most importantly happy. I know given the circumstances it might seem hard to stay positive, but you just have to. It is plain and simple… you will not survive this if you don’t stay positive! I have a post linked here that can help you with just that. I am pretty proud of that one, so you should definitely take a look! I know that it might seem like a shameless plug, but sometimes I even need to read it to remind myself to take my own advice at a time like this.

One thing that I did mention in my Stay Positive post is that getting ready for the day realllllyyy helps the soul. I am not kidding when I say that I lasted about two days doing the whole lets-work-in-our-pajamas thing. I know that sounds odd, but I just started to feel bad about myself. I started to feel like I was a lazy piece of you know what because I couldn’t get out of the t-shirt that I wore for about three days straight. So I finally made it my goal to get ready every single day, even if no one is going to see me. I am telling you that this made a WORLD of difference.

Sometimes you just need to laugh a little! This is me laughing while my brother made fun of me for attempting to suck in while taking this picture lol

You know how everyone is saying “take this time to practice self care”? Well I believe that getting dressed in that cute outfit that you bought for brunch with the girls, but had to settle for a date with your computer is perfectly fine. In my opinion, that is self care. It is self care because you are getting up and putting on that cute outfit, doing your hair and makeup, and looking good for YOU.

It’s all about the details (ignore my split ends)

With that being said, here is my “Self Care” outfit. I wore this because it made me feel good about myself, and I encourage you to dress up and do the same. I’ve also had a lot of free time to online shop and I bought quite a few things from Princess Polly so of course I had to share! I am not cool enough to be sponsored by Princess Polly or anything but I highly encourage you to shop there if you can. They are always having deals, they ship in literally TWO DAYS, and they have a great student discount if you use Unidays or Student Beans.

So like I said before, take this time to impress YOURSELF! I know for a fact that whoever is reading this is beautiful inside and out, and now it’s time for you to learn that for yourself!





Skirt *I am 5’2 and have a bigger legs and butt. A size 6 fit perfect- that is how I fit into most of their skirts*


I realized that both the top and skirt are sold out, so unless you want to wait for them to come back in stock I have similar options here and here for the top and here and here for the skirt!

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