Hello everyone! Long time no see…. literally. I was almost unable to even access my website because of how long it has been since I made a blog post, but since I have a little more time now given the worlds circumstances I figured this would be a great time to get back at it!

So as you all know, the world is in a bit of a pickle right now. The Coronavirus seems to take up everyones topic of conversation given that news on it is drastically changing every single day. Just two weeks ago, I was supposed to travel back to Spain for spring break, yet luckily for me (I say that with sarcasm but also a tiny bit of relief) I came down with Bronchitis two days before I was supposed to hop on a plane to Madrid. Although I was bummed I could not go, especially since I still had friends that went, I was relieved when I found out about the travel ban from Europe. Believe me when I say I would have been the WORST person to be around if I was in Spain when that happened… psychotic to say the least.

So needless to say I did not have the best spring break… I was in bed sick most of the time. However, once I finally started to feel a bit better I made a trip with my friends Sophia and Kaeli to San Diego for a few nights. Saint Patty’s did not bless us with the Luck of the Irish because it literally RAINED the whole time we were there. We ended up cancelling our last night and came back to Arizona a day early. Just to come back to a city where everyone is sad because classes went online for the rest of the semester and I now have to work from home which is literally making me go stir crazy.

Now before I bore you with updates on my non-eventful life at the moment, I am just going to get into the nitty gritty of this post. I think everyone right now is struggling a bit… and I truly believe that the only way to get through it is to stay positive and trust that God has a plan. With that being said, I am going to dedicate this post to ways to stay positive and not go absolutely BERSERK during this time.

Count Your Blessings

I know that these are hard times, and everyone is frustrated. Believe me, I am to. But why waste your time focusing on the bad when there are hundreds of more good things to focus on? I encourage you to go to your camera roll on your phone, and look through your photos from the past year. Or go through your snapchat memories and look through the videos you made of your friends doing stupid stuff on a drunk night out. Find things that make you laugh and memories that take you back to better times. I assure you those times will come again. Those memories are the blessings in life and they should not be taken for granted.

Start a New Hobby

Now, if you are laying in bed feeling sorry for yourself get your ass up. This is not the time to feel sad, but feel empowered. Now that you have a bit more time on your hands (and don’t want to go crazy because you’re now living at home and your mother is harassing you to sanitize every five seconds) use this time to do something for yourself. Whether that is a new hobby or bringing back one of your old ones. For example, I absolutely LOVE my blog. I am so passionate about fashion and writing is my saving grace to say the least. So I am going to use this time to get back into blogging, I don’t care if I have to take pictures in my backyard for the next two months. At least I am doing something that I enjoy, and it is something to look forward to every single day. If you are at a blank, I listed a few ideas for you below.

A great new hobby: find new music! My friends and I at Illenium this past fall.
  1. Make a blog like me! (I use WordPress)
  2. Journal (similar to a blog, but just let your imagination flow)
  3. Read a book (if you don’t want/can’t leave the house, order one on Amazon)
  4. Make a YouTube channel ( I am too awkward to do this but if that is something you have been wanting to do, do it)
  5. Bake (Pinterest is your friend)
  6. Tik Tok (duh)
  7. DIY (make something fun for your house or apartment!)


I think this is probably one of the most important tips I could give. Take this time to just relax. Watch that new cheesy Netflix rom-com you have been wanting to watch but don’t have time for. Do that face mask, take that bath, or take those three hour naps you miss so much. Go on a walk or just chill out in your backyard or on your patio and listen to music. With the world always moving at such a fast pace, it is almost a blessing in disguise that we get a chance to really take a break.

Here is a picture of my puppy, Lucy. You’re welcome.

Take Advantage of the Online Classes or Work From Home

It is so funny because before all of this happened, all I wanted was for my job to allow work from home. Now that they have, I almost miss working in an office. Same goes for school, although using Zoom is very interesting and honestly hilarious because some professors don’t seem to understand how technology works lol. I feel for those who had their last semester of college taken away, or their last season, or their last prom. I really do, it sucks. However, you just need to remember everything happens for a reason and it will all workout in the end. Take this time to enjoy your roommates and your family, you may not ever get a chance like this to really spend time with them. Play games, have movie nights, laugh a little (it is okay to have fun at a time like this). Remember when I said to look back on those memories on your phone? Well this is your time to make NEW memories, even if that means they are only happening in your living room.

My roommates and I living our best lives! They will be stuck with me for a while!

Make a Theme for Everyday

My roommate, Ashley, came up with this idea and I think it is genius. If you are going to be stuck in one place for a long time might as well make it fun right? Make a theme for every day or night. Whether it is all of you and your roommates wear a certain color, or wear wigs, or dress up like some random character from Disney Channel. Dress up into the wackiest outfit you can find. Now is your excuse, because you don’t have the public eye looking at you!! Dress up a little because if you stay in pajamas all day you will literally go crazy and look like a rugrat. (No one wants to see that in their snapchat memories)

I hope these five small tips help and maybe my attempt at a joke every once in a while made you smile! Just remember to stay positive and know everything is going to be just fine! 🙂



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