First off, I can’t help but laugh at the name of this post. I don’t think anyone could understand how badly I want Arizona to finally cool down! It is almost November, and during the day we are still in the 90 degree range. There are people that are still wearing shorts and flip flops, but I absolutely refuse to do that. In my book, I am going to let the month determine what I wear, not the weather. Well of course I am not going to wear something that I will totally die of heat in… that’s why I threw on this skirt! If you haven’t already noticed, these buttoned up skirts are really in style right now and I hope to keep it that way.

You might also be thinking, what a basic white girl with her Starbucks in her hand. Well  truthfully, I wasn’t planning on taking a picture with the drink, I just happened to be out and was craving some coffee. Plus, I discovered a new drink (well at least new for me) at Starbucks. It is a Caramel Macchiato with Pumpkin Spice in it rather than just the regular milk. It is basically heaven in a cup… I definitely recommend trying it!

Now back to the fashion. I love this outfit because it ties in the whole fall season aspect without putting too much heavy clothing on. So for a bit of a warmer day, it is the perfect go- to!



Shirt-  I couldn’t find the exact tank on the website, but here is one similar! Forever 21 Turtleneck Tank

Skirt- Forever 21 Corduroy Button-Down Mini Skirt

Flannel-  The website for where I originally got it is down, but you can also find a ton at Forever 21 Flannel Dress

Shoes- Tilly’s Booties

Peek-A-Boo Socks-  Tilly’s Socks

Necklace- Lizzard Thicket Mountainside Pendant

Purse- I couldn’t find the exact one, but here is one that is similar! Kate Spade Handbag

Watch- I love this watch because I can change out its bands. It is a silver watch from fossil with a brown leather band


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