So I haven’t been posting on my blog in a while and I have missed it. My life has just been crazy lately and I even got my wisdom teeth out a week ago. You can imagine how that’s going… Well even though I have been struggling through pain and surviving off yogurt, I have forced myself to get out of bed and actually put myself together the last few days. I mean my thoughts are that if I look good, I’ll at least feel a little bit better about myself considering my face looks like a Chipmunk. These pictures were taken in my healing stage, but trust me it was  a lot worse before.  I’ve chosen not to share those pictures, I don’t want to scare you guys off…

Anyways, back to my outfit. This is a little something that I put together now that it’s finally starting to get a little chilly outside. Obviously, if you live in colder weather tights might be a better option but the socks worked just fine for me. I also have to take a moment to show my appreciation for this jacket! It is suede, yes I said it, good old, soft, suede. I am completely obsessed with it, it is so cute and light, but it also keeps you warm. Not to mention the gold zipper is just the icing on the cake. If you are looking for a good jacket, it is definitely worth ordering this one! I will put the link to it below!



Suede Jacket- Threadlust

Long Sleeve Striped Shirt- Forever 21

Skirt- Forever 21 Corduroy Mini Skirt

Watch- Charming Charlie Black Watch

Boots- Target Lace Up Boots

Knee High Socks- Target Socks




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