Happy almost spring! It has been a little while since my last post and I am so excited to share this outfit! As you all know it is finally March, which means bikinis, tans, and spring break.  As excited as I am for the bikini season to come, I am still obsessing over some of the styles from this past winter. This post is a bit of a wintery outfit that can be brought into spring as well, it is a pretty good in between! It’s warm enough for those cold mornings but also does not cover you in so much layers that you are sweating by the afternoon… trust me I have had this happen way too many times.  This is one of my favorites for this time of year because the weather is at such an in between stage. (At least in Arizona) I get up for class in the morning and it’s 45 degrees outside but when I leave school its 80 degrees outside. This definitely makes finding the perfect outfit a bit of a struggle, but I mean that is what this post is here for!

I love this outfit because the skirt is so cute and comfy,  and adding the long sleeve is perfect for those cooler mornings. The fact that the shirt is off the shoulder not only makes it 100 times cuter, but it also takes away some of that extra layer of clothing for the warmer parts of the day. I am a huge fan of booties so obviously I am going to throw them on whenever I can, however, you can easily throw on some cute brown sandals to complete the look as well! Then of course there is the leather jacket… yes, I know it is basically not winter anymore, but if you are like me and you get cold easily a cute jacket is pretty much a necessity, especially for the cold mornings.

This is my last “winter” post, so I hope you enjoy!

P.S. I know it is a little late for the fall leaves… I took these pictures a little while ago!

Long Sleeve

Blue Skirt

Booties They are on sale!



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